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A powerful javascript library that plots scientific data in web browsers.

// Quick install
npm install node-jsgraph

What is jsGraph and why use it ?

jsGraph plots scientific data into the browser. It is written in javascript and is self-contained. Embed it within seconds in your web application or web page. jsGraph renders line plots, scatter plots, bars, boxes, zone plots or density map. Through a full-featured API, you can customize and interact with your graph, or download the resulting SVG for static display or for scientific publications.


Using scalable vector graphics is the best way to generate high-quality graphs for scientific publications. Customize your graph with the full-featured API to make it look like exactly how you want it to.


jsGraph implements several layers of optimizations that allow blazing fast rendering. Millions of data points can be displayed in a few milliseconds. Very useful to display high quantity of data such as XRD or NMR spectra.


Zoom over your graph, drag it around or annotate some specific points using mouse and keyboard. All of that from the browser. Enable or disable mouse features at will.